The Art of Manifestation Astro-Moon Diary 2020: The Pathway of the Spiritual Warrior



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With an EXCLUSIVE 3 card Tarot Reading for every month this diary is a must for anyone interested in learning the Art of Manifestation and applying it to their everyday lives in real terms!From an astrological perspective, 2020 looks to be one of the most profoundly powerful years that we have seen in a long time. For anyone who is interested in enhancing their skills of conscious manifestation, understanding how these planetary influences affect us each individually and learning to capitalize on these cycles of incoming energy is a valuable and empowering skill to develop.One of the best ways of learning to align and work with the incoming energy of the Moon and the connections with the incoming energy from any of the other planets, is to learn to listen to ourselves and to notice how we find ourselves thinking, feeling and responding to these incoming influences. To do this, we will need to be aware of where the Moon is during her monthly cycle, along with some awareness of her relationships with the other planets as well. This diary is designed to help you to do exactly this. Each month as well as highlighting key phases of the Moon, you will also find further information about the incoming energy and potential influences of some of the other major planetary collaborations and connections. Alongside the daily calendar dates which can be used as a standard diary, you will also find daily additional pages for you to journal and record your own experiences.The diary also includes detailed information about the phases of the Moon, the influence of the Zodiac signs, Lunar and Solar Eclipses, Retrograde Planets, and how to use the energy of the Solstices and the Equinoxes.By recording your own experiences as you journey through the year, this diary will form a personal record for you to continue to build on and deepen your understanding of how to align yourself with the natural cycles of the Moon as she journeys through the different signs and collaborates with the energy of the other planets.


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